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wet cure to belly ratio?

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So I usually only do 1 to 2 bellies at a time and will use 1 to 2 gallons of pops wet cure. Well I got a 50lb case skinless bellies and I have them in a 10 gallon bucket with 3.5 gallons of pops wet cure, that filled it to the top and just barely got the meat fully submerged. Anyone think this is to little wet cure for 50 lbs?
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Pop's cure, if it is submerged, its good to go.


BTW if you would take a min and update your profile with where you rest your head at night, you would keep me from asking, where ya from?


There is a load of good stuff on that thread.

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Jeff, morning.....  Did you make the cure/brine to pops specifications....    1 tbs per gallon of water...  If so, then you are OK.....   Your bacon should be around 100 Ppm nitrite....  If I did the calculation correctly....  Since bacon, skin off, maximum Ppm nitrite is 120 Ppm, you are perfect with the brine.....

Cure.....   .55 oz. Tbs.    X 3.5 Tbs = 1.95 oz. cure X  28.4 = 55 gms cure added.....

Water....   3.5 gal. X 8.35 = 29 # + 50 #'s bacon =  79#'s Total X 454 = 35,866 gms Total  


Using Diggy's calculator....  and entering 96 Ppm in the Ppm nitrite wanted.....    55 grams is perfect.......




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Good deal, I had figured it was just fine. Can't wait for the smoke
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