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Salmons done

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The update for play pin salmon.  I cold smoked for about 7hrs then hot smoked it @ 180 till the I T was 140. Flavorful and moist  :drool:. Just having a hard time getting a more prominate lemon flavor. Other than that  :tup:.

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That looks very good, well done.   Salmon is expensive here

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Looks very tasty, Sir.



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Looks great. Do you use any cure before you smoke it?

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Thanks guys.


Wade I just use a basic sugar an salt brine with spices

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For an extra lemon taste, add two lemons zest to your wet cure mix, and let your fish soak in that a few days. That will give you the taste you are looking for..
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I'd be careful spicing up Salmon too much since it is a pretty delicate flavor.

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