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A couple question for Swede or anyone else who has made the modifications.


I did not see were you stated the size of the damper you installed in the SFB. 

Could you let us know if it was 4,5,6, or 7"? 

After using your smoker, would you change the size you did install?

If yes, to what?


Also, it looks like it comes with a temp probe (I'm waiting for mine to get delivered).

Did you install an additional temp probe?

Or did you install a better unit?

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Questions for those who have these units. How does it work with smoking a whole Packer Brisket? Would a good size brisket fit on a rack or no? Are the metal hooks strong enough to make hang a full packer?
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The hooks are definitely strong enough yes, as far as the whole packer it just depends on the size, I personally have only done flats, but I have had 2 10 pound butts on one rack so there's a little size comparison for you
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Originally Posted by Bama70 View Post

I bought this smoker last spring after using the cheap Brinkman vertical for a couple years. My door did not close tight, but I filled the gap with some metal putty and then some hi temp black RTV silicone, and worked great. I also sealed all of the joints when assembling it as well. I made the expanded metal charcoal box and it really worked out great. This year I am adding a digital thermometer to monitor temps as the one on the door seems way off. Other than that, I ablsolutely love this smoker. It is exactly what I had been looking for. I use it a couple times a week, and if you need any advice or just want to share experiences with it, just let me know.
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Originally Posted by kwkk View Post

.just ordered the tr. Vert. From cabelas.also the gasket kit.one question, is having a usda label necessary for the rtv?
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Sorry about that mess....new to the site.we purchased this inexpensive smoker because we are retiring to Tn. in a few years where we, ll put together something closer to competition grade.but no excuse to eat bad bbq for the meantime.should I place another order with justin and get more gasket material for the firebox halves? Anyone have a preference on the brand of rtv. Thanx.
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Originally Posted by smokering90 View Post

The hooks are definitely strong enough yes, as far as the whole packer it just depends on the size, I personally have only done flats, but I have had 2 10 pound butts on one rack so there's a little size comparison for you

I would say 12lb's would be the largest brisket i would want to do. If i needed more meat i would just do more briskets at that point. Generally speaking i would say 8-10lb's. I know a 10lb brisket will fit very nicely on an 18.5 WSM, just not sure what size the grates are for this smoker.

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I don't remember exactly the length but I'm pretty sure the grates at 17inches long, and there's probably 12 inches between the grates
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How did the RTV between the FB and CC hold up?  Would you suggest a gasket there?  Also, would you suggest a gasket for the vertical door or extra latches or both?  Just ordered mine last night.  Thanks.

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The rtv between the firebox and cc holds up pretty well, you have to put a good amount on it though, for the vertcal door I'm assuming you're talking about the cc door , I have the gasket and latches and they work great
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Alright, all of it is put together... Just waiting on my welder to finish up my Fire Box Charcoal Wood Basket dividers..


Any place I can, I'm putting in gaskets, and or Hi-Temp RTV.. I'm trying to use the RTV as little as possible.... 




Assembly was easy without any missing parts.. 


Dents, no extra charge..











The door Is not "Quite strait"





Doors with the gasket installed..







Bent and dicked up rack rail..



I had some "Left over" Hi temp exhaust wrap just laying around in the garage and put it to use..





Although The pic does not show, I used a couple self tap screws to help pull the fire box together on each short side...







The Cyber Q adapter installed..



If all goes well I hope to season it on Monday... I just need to get my Fire Box Charcoal Wood Basket  back from my welder..


1) I didn't do a fancy write up, as it didn't make any sense to reinvent the wheel..

2) I'm running on 2 hrs of sleep in over 48 hrs

3) I just got back from camping with my WEBLO II den... for the weekend of non-stop rain..

4) I'm drinking whiskey and watching "The Outlaw Josies Wales"

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Can you get a full rack of St Louis spares on these grates?

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Yes a whole rack fits easily, you can fit 2 racks if you trim a little
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Firemedic, that is some seriously messed up steel out of the box.I ordered mine through cabelas and have yet to recieve it.I am praying I do not have those issues.how did you deal with the bent rack holder and the gap in the crooked cc chamber? I recieved the gasket and latch kit yesterday.I forgot to order rtv .any suggestions for a buy at depot or lowes? Any kind over 500 degrees? Thanks much.
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....oh yea one more thing.I saw swede installed a new vent on the FB .is the factory flow vent crap or just to small?
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firemedic, with the door that screwed up out of the box, how did you get it to shut at all? I've had a lot of trouble getting the latch to pull the door shut consistently without having to slam the door as hard as I can. Then after adding the nomex gasket it wouldn't come close to shutting. I'm thinking of getting the pull toggle latch (or two) and use that instead of the handle that comes with it. 

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I got one of these in just before Memorial Day weekend. Justin at BBQ Gaskets dot com sent me a couple of expanded steel fireboxes and a gasket kit. I just got the gaskets on this week. I had to go to the machine shop and have my buddy add an 1/8" on to the length of the CC door latch to get it to close and seal with the wool gasket added on to the door. I sealed up the firebox halves with RTV Ultra Copper and the crossover and screw holes as well. I'm gonna do a couple more dry runs and look into a fan and some probes. I've had trouble getting the temp up to 225 and it was pretty damn tight right out of the box. I should have cooked Memorial Day on my Outlaw as I know how to stoke that rig and get it done. Oh well live and learn, I guess.
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A BFH and a block of wood for the dents...
For RTV, I got mine from NAPA Auto Parts. I went with the this
I used a vice grips made for welding on the messed up racks..


My first run on the brinkman..







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This is the inside of mine. I don't know about you guys, but I don't find the idea of eating Chinese paint too appetizing. After the seasoning and subsequent cook the paint on the inside was blistered and peeling. I took a pressure washer and blasted it out.
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Did you and /or you planning on a repaint.we are picking ours up tomorrow.the build / mods starts monday.good call on the chinese paint.those people dont care.look at all the dog food recalls as a prime example.we are a foolish people at times.
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