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I will take a closer look when I get it all the way out of the box. Even if there is damage there won't be much to do about it as Brinkmann filed for Bankruptcy in October and stopped sales completely last Tuesday. Good thing I'm mechanically inclined and have you guys to help me figure it out if I get in a bind.
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Well, I guess bankruptcy killed any chance of ever getting a cover.  :(


If anybody finds a cover that works well, please post the information.

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There are a lot of custom cover makers out there.. probably prohibitively expensive though..  

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I started my build today. Mine is the limited edition so I don't need latches. Since the gasket kit for the vertical trailmaster only comes with latches Justin at BBQ Gaskets recommended the kit for the OK Joe horizontal. Unfortunately I discovered that that kit only has enough of the black rope to seal the joint between the two halves of the firebox. I wanted to use it to seal the pass through but don't want to wait as I was planning to season it and complete the inaugural smoke next weekend.
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Firebox ready to go together.
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Didn't like the fact that there were no screws on the ends of the the fire box so I ran two self tapping screws on each end.
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FB bolted up and sealed inside the CC. Time to call it a night. Hoping the RTV between the FB and the pass through holds up without the black rope gasket.
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Looks super!


Where did you get the flat gasket and what temp  is the  red RTV good for?


Thanks in advance

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Got the gasket kit from The kit they recommended needed about 3 times the rope gasket to seal the SFB properly. I used the nomex gasket on the SFB door instead (see below). I would have had enough for the CC if I had had rope gasket for the SFB door but ran short on nomex as a result of using it on the SFB.
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Here is my charcoal bin. I was shooting for 7"Wx10"Lx8.5"H but wound up at 8"W. Note to self: mark folds 1/2" narrower than intended width.
I made my box to a different dimension than the normal 12"x12"x6" because I wanted a taller box and because I discovered that if I made the bin 7"x10"x8.5" I could get two bins in the SFB while still being able to remove them easily. May be a second bin coming soon.

Also, I will be posting more pics after I get more gaskets. Still have to seal the water door on the back of the CC and the side access door on the SFB. Both of them have very large gaps as a result of not having any gasket material for them.
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I went ahead and put the flat nomex gasket I had left on three sides of the water pan access door for the time being. We'll see how it seals. Currently seasoning it and so far so good.

I also discovered a great way to replace the factory thermometer with a digital. The hole is perfect for most corks. Drilled a hole in the center of the cork and I was in business.

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If you are like me, you see lots of cool recipes and see the Bradley rack  mentioned often.


I finally decided to order a set, only to find that the rectangular racks do not fit in the round vertical smoker.  Here is my solution:


The standard rack corner.  Notice where the smaller wires connect to the outer frame.


Bradley rack corner


Put the corner in a vise with those small wires resting on the jaws, now push forward on the large outer wires to bend 90 degrees.


Rack in vise to bend corner.


Do all 4 corners.  When done it will look like this.


Corners bent to fit in vertical smoker


Now it will fit into my Trailmaster vertical!  Only down side is they don't sit perfectly  flat on the counter once bent.  They are handy for moving small things in and out of the smoker.

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Im wonder if any one still checks this thread. So i'm thinking of adding a Pellet hopper assembly something like a pellet pro to the side of the vertical stack and keeping the fire box. Have anyone done this or heard of doing this? Reason i want to add the pellet hopper so that i can put the ribs on at lunch break and come back home to a ready dinner. Sometimes i want bbq but don't have the time to baby sit the fire. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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So I'm convinced that this model turned into the Smoke Canyon Vertical Smoker sold by Bass Pro I just picked it up yesterday. Bought the Rev sealer and lava lock gasket. Any thing else I need or recommendations?
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Reefing really? That's fantastic! I really like this smoker. Seal it up with silicone as you assemble. The thermostat on the door is junk replace it with ones suggested on here. Everything else is up to you. I never replaced mine as I use a digital one that I pull through the top. It uses a bit more fuel than what I would like but it's expected on an offset smoker. I like the versatility of this one being able to cold smoke and BBQ as desired. Having added a pellet hopper to mine I can do almost anything I want, just need more ideas. One question though, do you know if the steel is the Same? Does it seem flimsy or is it solid?
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Definitely appears to be.


With the new latching system...does it close securely? That was one of the other issues with the older model (which I have...).


If it does...just the gaskets will be fine. I used a high temp sealant on all the parts during assembly as well...


Homemade basket from expanded steel was the only other thing I well and easy to bend in on itself to form a basket. I think it was 12x24 sheets. (2 of them)

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I haven't put mine together yet. Waiting on the rtv and gasket to come in today so I can get it going. I did see it on display at Bass Pro. It seems to be thicker on the doors as yall have mentioned in the thread. Now all I need to decide on is do I want Rf Or bt thermometer? I'm stuck between the et-733,et-735, and igrill2. I have android and heard it's not so good, but then again im sure there have been updates by now?
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It does look identical to Brinkmann's vert Trailmaster.  There's Trailmasters on Amazon:  $499.  :eek:   HD didn't sell them for half that when they carried them less than 2 years ago. 


I've always liked this smoker:  very sharp looking to me....

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