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Monday Funday - Scarbelly Wings w/ Q-View

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Good afternoon SMF.  Been awhile since ive been on,  got a craving for wing's and I had some really good success with Scarbelly's last time I did them so I thought I'd share my 2nd go around w/ Scarbelly's wings ... oh my word these have to be the best wings on the planet.


For those of you who are unfamiliar.  This is how I did mine.


2:1 Ratio of  Tony Catchers Creole Butter & Franks Wing Sauce.  

Removed the tips and injected the wings with the mixture.  Seasoned lightly with Plowboys Yardbird Rub.

Tossed lightly in some of the left over Butter Sauce mixture let set about 30 min.

Placed on the smoker for about 2 hours at 240 to and IT of 165 ish.   Using Hickory

Basted twice with sauce mixture during smoke.

Toss one more time after removing from smoker and then under the broiler for about 3-5 min.  

then Devour with beverage of your choice and a bib.  They are so delicious.





Beverage of choice, Today !  Had to occupy my time somehow !

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Great looking wings! Scarbelly wings are the best hands down! Great presentation and color on yours! Yay!!!!
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Thanks Dirtsailor...  They were fabulous.   

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looks great! still need to try wings like this. been meaning to for quite awhile now..but the price of wings nowadays makes me think twice.. lol.
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I know what you mean ... just had a craving I needed to satisfy so I bit the bullet.


Glad I did ...

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Originally Posted by MarshMan71 View Post

I know what you mean ... just had a craving I needed to satisfy so I bit the bullet.


Glad I did ...


cant blame ya. hell i wouldve too. still might here very soon.
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Look awesome....nice job. Congrats on making the FB page......Willie

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Wow!  Those look awesome.  I'm going to try this with thighs.  I really like hot wings but I prefer the meatier hot thighs.

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Looking good! I have to try this Scarbelly method!

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Wow, those sound and look incredible! I'm going to have to give those a try for sure. 

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Always good wings then there scars! I need to do another batch.. hope they turn out as good as yours look! CONGRATS on making the front page news! yahoo.gif
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those look fantastic. I went out and picked up a few wings and drums to give it a try tomorrow.

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Those look amazing! Great color! I can almost taste them!:drool

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 some wings and drums on the Vision Kamodo. 225-250 w/ hickory and cherry. i might have to mop/sprtiz them but so far they smell good :)


now pulled off and tasty. not as pretty as yours but tasty :) very mild flavor prefect for the wife


thanks for the inspiration. i will definitely make a few more of these!



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Nice , Marshman. Nice finish shot. Your choice of Libation looks good too, can't do it anymore, but remember the goodness.

Have fun and . . .
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