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2013-09-29 - Brisket (2nd Attempt)

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Here you go ladies and gents!






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looks fantastic!!
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Looks great... nicely done.  Looks like you had some help.

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very nice!!! one hell of a smoke ring

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Great Looking Brisket! Fantastic smoke ring. Tell us bit more about your smoke, type of smoker, methods and seasonings used.

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Started with a whole packer.


Trimmed of ALL fat I could see, so this meant separating the point from the flat.


I ended up with a 4.56 lb flat and 2.56 lb point.


The night before I coated them both with my Dirty Dalmatian Rub (homemade recipe, 1/3 restaurant black pepper, 1/3 kosher salt, 1/3 granulated garlic). Then I injected them with beef broth (Tones paste kind, not the cube crap). Covered them with plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight.


The day of I heated my Yoder YS640 to 225 (about 30 min)


I then put on my meat straight from the fridge, flat on the bottom shelf (hotter), point on the top (cooler). Probes in my meat! (if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!)


I wrapped 3:30 minutes in, when the temp of both pieces of meat were slightly past 140 when the smoke ring stops growing (or so I’m told). No crutch, two pieces of foil for each piece, wrapped once, then wrapped again with the second piece to keep the steam in. Probes were kept in the meat.


5 hours in, temp for both pieces hit about 190, I then turned down my smoker to 195, I didn’t want to overcook but wanted more steam time.


8 hours in, temps kept right about the 195ish for the last 3 hours, I pulled the meat.


I unwrapped each piece, poured the juices into a ½ metal pan, the put the meat in the pan, the put a foil lid on the pan, then in an insulated cooler it went.


2.5 hours later. Pulled the meat from the cooler, trimmed it and took pics.


The end! 

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Very nice!


Great looking smoke ring!  Nicely done...



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Just FYI. I want to modify my burnt ends a bit. I didn't care for their final texture.


The flat was great, the burnt ends I plan to cube and put back on the smoker a bit more before serving them next time.

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