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electric smoker build question

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Hi I've been working on an electric smoker and need some advice on what to use for a heating element and thermostat. Would like the smoker to get up to 300*f and the thermostat to be digital. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello mnsmokey,  Welcome to the site.  First we will have to know what size your smoker is.  What its made of. What part of the country and what your climate is.  There are pre made pid controllers or DIY pids. Please let us know and if you can pictures are always good.  There are many good electric builds here and lots of god people to help.  Try the search bar at the top of the page.



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In addition to Stan's question.... Is the smoker insulated?


300* is not really smoking but roasting/baking.  Smoking generally is done in the 225-250* range (and lower for cold smoking). Why so high?

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