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Granddad of a Smoker

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Hey Ya'll....Thought I'd show ya my first smoker setup....The big pig cooker was my GrandDads.....its about 35 yrs young, well only ways about 1300 lbs...its a Permanent fixture in the back yard....I added the old General Electric fridge, for fish, cheese and jerky. Being an electrician, he had the vent door under the fire door set up to open and close to maintain the proper temp. Unfortunately, that device is gone and so is G-Dad, so guess i will have to do it the hard way.....Unless, one of my new Buddies here would know how to set me up...wink wink...


Cook Top


Vent Door was set up to open when needed


Fire door, ( fan is to get the cooker up to temp a lil quicker, lots of steel here )


GE fridge smoker


Chimney system (with both dampers open I get a cooler smoke)


Was going to convert the fridge to propane, BUT, the boy brought home an old Donut Proofer to scrap for the stainless....He was informed that his RENT was now Paid, for this he is buddies with a guy with a machine shop, so we are going to build a door with a glass window in it.....But that is another thread.. Hope ya enjoyed my walk down memory lane... Love Ya GrandDad...



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That looks awesome!

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Originally Posted by jarjarchef View Post

That looks awesome!


Thanks Chef.....I was admiring you and your daughters cooker, nice job. Have an old donut proofer I'm going to be converting to a cmoker to set outside of the back door. So I will be visiting your Qviews of your cooker for ideas...Have an Awesome Day....



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Thank you. We had a lot of fun making it. She is very quick to correct me when I say "My smokehouse". She is "No it is OUR smokehouse".... I am ready to do another one. I have a few changes in mind for the next one.......

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pretty sweet setup!
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