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Need Help Chicken Not reaching Temps

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i need help... second time useing the smoker and temp barely reaches 200.

I have a 4 lb chicken been there for 5 hrs now and still internal temp well below 170. 

I have it rubbed in montreal style chicken spice with a beer can up it's but.

How long should this take, i was using this a test before i try a turkey. at this rate a 10 lb turkey would be going for 20 hrs !.



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Cyovac-packed store-bought birds need to treated as compromised muscle due to the injection of broth prior to packaging. Anything over 4 hours getting from 41-135* internal temp, you taking your chances. If your smoker won't get over 200*, you shouldn't even be smoking birds in it...period. Minimum 225*, and for larger birds like turkey, you better be able to get 275* or don't even attempt it.


I strongly suggest you read this:


Now, what brand/model/type is your smoker? Maybe there's something we can discuss on how to get temps it malfunctioning, or just not designed for hot-smoking?




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A bit more info would help. What kind of smoker is it, brand? gas, electric, wood, pellet???

The temp may be due to the type of smoker, or could be related to how you have it set up, or how your fire set up is. We can help but need more info.
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