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GFCi breaker

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I used my new 40" smoker last Sunday for the first time, ran it for nearly 3 hours seasoning it, then smoked chickens on Monday. I went to smoke pork today and the breaker immediately trips. Can anyone help?
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You probably have some moisture somewhere in the circuits.  Try using a blow dryer to dry out any exposed wiring.  Give it a while and try it again.


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Try it on a regular (non gfci ) breaker. If it does not trip then you may have a weak GFCI. MES recommends to not use GFCI circuits w/ the MES.

 If it trips  a reg breaker then return the unit to wherever you bought it.

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Unfortunately under the building code for the last 10 years or so ALL outside, garage, basement, kitchen, bath, or other damp environment outlets are supposes to be on a GFCI breaker.  Just because the outlet does not look like a GFCI does not mean it is not on a branch where a GFCI is located "upstream" (which makes it on the GFCI).

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