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Maverick 732 problem

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HI All I just started having a problem with my 1 year old Maverick 732.The numbers on the remote seem to go out at times, the other numbers still show on unit by the pit. I changed the batteries in the remote and the same thing happens.When the problems comes all I get is beeps?

Any one else  also came across this problem?

Thanks Dan

PS I love my Maverick 732 when it is working right.

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I haven't had that problem with mine.  Hopefully someone will be along with an answer for you.

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I seem to have a problem with my 732 with the box temps yet the meat temps seem to be right. It could be a wire issue. Had this from day one.

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Are you pushing the limit on distance, the only time mine does that is if I am on the edge of the range.  Also might want to check batteries in the other half, not sure how they push the signal but worth a try.



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Sounds like you might have a connection issue.  Check the battery compartment and make sure your contacts are positioned well and not pushed in or corroded.  Also make sure your connections on the probes are good as well.


If that doesn't work give the Mav customer service a call.


Good luck,



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Hi All For some reason after I posted the Maverick started working the it was supposed too? Might have been the new batteries. Are there batteries in the other half? I don't see a battery compartment but do see 4 litte screws.

Thanks Dan

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There are batteries in the other unit. It has the screws to make water tight.
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Yeah, change the batteries in both units at the same time. The transmitter batteries are likely as low or lower than the receiver batteries.

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Is this the unit that most of you use that is sold by one of the members here?

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Originally Posted by DeanSomers View Post

Is this the unit that most of you use that is sold by one of the members here?



Mine has worked like a champ.

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Hi All couldn't think of cooking/smoking without the Maverick 732, best $ I've spent on cooking stuff.


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I had serious problems with two units, one of which was one-year-old and the other was new. I called customer service and they told me to send them back for testing, which I did. A short time later, they sent me two new units.
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