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first snak stix

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I am a noob here, just got a master forge digital smoker and decided to do some stix in it. venison based with hi mtn seasoning. I am using the meat probe and it is going a LOT faster than I thought it should. does anyone have one of these smokers? I'm used to doing butts n ribs on my chargriller side by side. mainly curious if anyone has electric smoker and what they think of it.


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What temp is your smoker set at?
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Originally Posted by S2K9K View Post

What temp is your smoker set at?


X2 and do you have a reliable thermometer to know it's on the temp you want? - how fast is "faster than you thought"?


I have an MES40 and do snack sticks, Summer Sausage, and jerky all the time made from wild game


This is how I do mine or approximately - length of time varies anywhere from 7-9 hours from the time I put them in the smoker til they are done! 

Started smoking them at 120-125* with no smoke for 2 hrs, bumped to 140-145* and added hickory and cherry for 3 hrs, then bumped to 160-165* for 3 hrs to IT of 155*.

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I moved location in smoker  and thermometer and things got more on track. my internal temp was rising too quick. I was only making a 2# batch so I figured itr would go quicker,but in an hour I was at 115 internal and the smoker was only 130.  i was following video instructions i found on youtube brining up temp in stages so they get done right.

  Put a butt on at 11 last night so we will see about this electric smoker, and I got another 2 batch of sticks to go in.

I'll take a pic of the butt if she turns out good


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