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Tulsa Jeff's rib tips recipe

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Didn't have any of Jeff's recommended rub and I used my own.  I couldn't find any rib tips so I bought some bone-in single ribs.  Had a pork butt on the lower grill during the 5 hours the ribs were on the WSM22.5 upper grill.  Pork butt will come off early in the morning.  Wife and I tried one rib each and the other 10 will disappear tomorrow at lunch.  Here's some pictures:


Ribs coated

Firing the smoker

Minion mix - charcoal and wild black cherry

Ribs ready to go light out

Last of the wild black cherry and the rest is pecan

No peeking

De-boned and waiting for Saturday lunch.


Makes ya hongree, eh?

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Good job and well done there!! I would eat some of those for shore'!
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Looks great.
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