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Originally Posted by SmokeItIfUGotIt View Post

Oh, PLEASE, guys,
Must we be so politically correct that we muzzle our posts? JJ's posting in red hurt someone's feelings....REALLY? Seems like, to me, in my short time here, that too many folks are looking for a chance to pounce on anything in this forum that might be ever so slightly off the norm. Just an observation that puzzles me. Sure hope it's just a temporary trend.
Personally, JJ, I loved the red emphasis. yahoo.gif


My take is that It's not about hurt feelings, political correctness or muzzling posts. It's about keeping this forum a friendly place that doesn't fall into the offensive, combative clap trap that most internet forums do. There are a lot of ways to convey information, however there is almost always an option that's polite, friendly and uplifting.

There are a lot of other BBQ forums on the net for those who might feel that this one places unnecessary restrictions on self expression.

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Then the red text option should be removed from those of us with little self control? Sorry, don't mean to trifle, but I just think the objection is silly. Just my opinion. I appreciated JJ's expertise, whether it be in red, blue, green or polka dot. biggrin.gif

Keep on smokin'

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It's OK Fred...Being a Moderator I am held to a higher standard by the powers that be. I try to not argue or offend anyone but sometimes my Passion for what we do and my love of teaching goes to and occasionally over the line. No one was offended but the Super Mods were reminding me to Chill before I go too far. Everybody needs to be reminded once in a while. As it says at the bottom of my posts, " The only thing PC about me is the Computer I am typing on! " So I tend to tell things as they are. But I need to walk a finer line to, as Bum points out, keep this forum a friendly place...I have been to other forums and despite my knowledge and willingness to contribute I was Blown Off because I was not " One of the Boys..." We/I work hard to keep this the Best Smoking Meat Forum on the net therefore I don't mind eating a slice of Humble Pie once in a while...JJ

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OK it's time to get this thread back on topic! Enough talk about font color, this thread is about meat thermometers. I find it very disrespectful to Solidbob (the OP) to turn his thread into this.
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