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charcoal ????

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My father picked me up some Humphrey(i dont think thats how you spell it) when he was delivering @ there warehouse. Its 100% hardwood lump coal. What do yall think? Personally i think it would be better than kingsford or anything compared to kingsford.
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Brand names sometimes don't really matter, but if it's oak lump, should make for a decent flavor without being too overpowering. I do know that lump from mesquite burns wicked hot in comparison to briquettes (not to mention it adds a powerful amount of flavor in a closed cooker), but fire control can bring a learning curve, and for longer smokes, lump alone may not allow you to get enough run time from one basket full in a vertical smoker using the minion method.

For open grilling with moderate closed-lid times, lump is a nice change, providing a very hot fire for searing, and most any lump will work very well and give a nice flavor, including mesquite.

Lastly, lump leaves behind far less ash compared to briquettes.

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Hello, and Welcome from Texas. This is a great site with worlds of information.



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I prefer lump.  I use it with great success using an empty water pan, with a clay flower pot saucer, in a 22.5" WSM.  I have been able to get very long cooks from a full load when cooking in the 225 - 250* range.  The secret is closing the top vents enough that the pit draws very little air thru the bottom and the fire burns VERY slowly. The last butt I did I put on at 9 PM Sat night and pulled it off at 1 PM the next day for pulled pork sliders.  I had the vents open about 5-10% and the top vent closed about 50% and averaged about 230*.  I had lump left over that I could have gone several hours longer but the pork was ready and so was I!  I imagine a pitmaster with an auto temp controller could get even better fuel economy - I run a naturally aspirated pit.  Here's a graph up to 5 AM.  You can see where the fire caught good and I closed the vents.  I lost Bluetooth connectivity because I went to play golf and came back to a pulled pork work of art.  :)


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