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Crispy Smoked Thighs

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I've smoked chicken thighs quite a few times. My early efforts were okay: good flavor but rubbery skin that had to be pulled off. I came up with a plan to remedy that. First, I smoke the thighs with skin on at about 225 until the largest one reaches an internal temp of 160 degrees -- about 90 minutes to two hours. I do them on my Traeger junior. Today I used a mix of pecan and hickory. Probably would have chosen cherry and pecan, but there was already some hickory in the hopper.

When they're done, I marinate them in a mix of soy sauce, canola oil, brown sugar, chinese five spice, ginger, cinnamon and sesame seeds for about 45 minutes -- just long enough to heat my gas grill to about 450 degrees.

Finally, I grill them until they're dark brown and crisp, about 10 minutes. They're excellent without any saucing, although I sometimes dip one in a pineapple/habanero salsa.

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Great idea! They look fantastic!
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Wow, I bet that skin takes on that flavor really well. 

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After trimming the fat off of thighs and then scraping the fat off of the skin this weekend I don't think I will ever eat an untrimmed Chicken thigh again.  It is crazy how disgusting that job is and how fatty that piece of meat is.  The things you do for a BBQ competition.

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Tasty looking chicken! That's the great thing about the MINI-WSM. Super easy to slip the smoke chamber off and go straight to the direct grill for the sear!
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I'm going to try it with wings next time. While thighs are fatty, a couple hours of smoking followed by searing renders most of it out.
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Good looking thighs. Thanks for posting your method!



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You just made me hungry for thighs, well done

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Nice Thighs there ,Pnstenquist (quist). Like the flavorings chosen. A bit more hands on than I would choose , but noted for future Munching.


Have fun and as always . . .

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