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I have read where when making and stuffing sausage some people grind twice.  I have tried this and cannot get the first ground meat to go through the grinder again.  Could it be the size of the plate?  I used a 3/16 plate for the first grind and then tried a 1/8 plate for the second grind.  I had problems with the first grind feeding and grinding.  Do I need to get a bigger plate for the first grind?  Could it be my grinder?



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What grinder are you using? If you grind once, it should go through the second time... Next time just grind through the fine plate once...... i only grind multiple times when making hot dogs to emulsify.. i don't see the point in grinding twice..... just my 2 cents

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Your knife and or disc might be dull. It is harder to grind the second time because the auger doesn't pull the meat through like on the first grind but it should go through.

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Can you sharpen the knife and disk or should I buy new ones?



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Here is thread on sharpening. It is very hard material and takes some patience but you do it.




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Does it matter which side of the plate is next to the blade?  Should I sand both sides of the plate?



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no. It doesnt matter and yes, sand both sides

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