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Hauling your MES

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If I am needing to haul my MES to another location and back should I be concerned about vibration in the bed of a pickup truck? Stand it up or lay it down before tying it down?
Thanks for your input everyone.
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if you have a pull or ratchet strap handy, throw it on it just cause. although you probably drive well enough to get there and keep it upright, its every other idiot on the road you can't predict. if you don't have a strap, lay it down on a blanket so it doesn't get all scrached/dinged up.

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I have hauled mine standing up and laying down. Didn't even strap it laying down. I did have both handle screws on one side vibrate out once so check your hardware first.

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Hauled my MES 30 standing upright from Orlando to the S. FL Gathering last year without incident. Was about a 3 hour trip each way as I recall. Didn't strap it down but had lots of other gear in the truck so unlikely to move about.

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