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Need help with smoking Ducks

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Gonna be smoking a few wild ducks this weekend or next and have never done it before. Just wondering if anyone had any good brine and rub recipes... Any other tips would be appreciated.. Have a couple Teal, woodies and a mallard that are heading for the smoker... 

Thank you in advance for the help...

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I have not done ducks since becoming more adept at brines. I always wraped mine in bacon to get some fat on them to help with 'em drying out. That was it, I also didn't rub because most rubs including homemade have salt and salt is a dehydrator.


Stick some apple slices and pecans in the cavity, put some bacon on it. But I am sure there are those here who have more ways to look at.


Please take some pictures and let us know what you do, and how you like it........ I am looking forward to what you do.


Wasn't much help, but hope you enjoy the smoke.

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Good idea with the fruit in the cavity... I am going to be smoking the whole bird with the skin on... Hoping that will help it from drying out.. 

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Roller made a nice looking duck and another member posted a recipe on this thread.


Try doing a search of duck. There are many recipes.

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