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Micro uds?

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Looking at my old ecb and wondered if anyone ever sealed the bottom and made a micro uds ?

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Good question.

I am looking to build either a mini wsm or mini uds.

55 gal uds is to big for most of my cooks.

I have a ecb too.
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Lots of Mini UDS' out there made from smaller drums. 18 gallon-30gallon.
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Smaller drums are hard to find.
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Kieth found his 30 gal drums for his mini uds. But. I dont see why the ecb cant be sealed up and act as the same right? Never actually cooked on a ecb.. but same idea as the drum once sealed at the bottom for better vent control right?
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Smaller drums are hard to find.

Used yes, but new really easy to get.
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Yeah I don't see why it wouldn't work either pretty much the same principal.  Maybe I'll get bored this winter and play around.  I don't plan to use this particular ECB again as I still have another one in better shape if I really wanted to use one. 

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stop by one of your local auto repair shops or a bulk oil supplier and see if they have any 80/90 wight drums that are empty..those are usually around 30 gallons

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I did. Lol 4 years later
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Works great.. no leaks and goes 8 plus hours on a load of blue bag kingsford
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Bunch of holes to let out ash in a 15 inch tabletop kettle grill. Air vents on sides too. 2 Weber dampers on the steel bushel basket the grill sets in. Maintains 225 all day using dampers.
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The ECB diameter is just a tad smaller than the tub it rests on. I only use some foil as a gasket there.
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So it's still pretty much an El CheapO.

Vent on top. Rope seal with RTV. A bit of expanded steel to raise coals a bit. Reused the original legs on the tub.
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This tub was $15.00 . 17.5 inch. They call it a bushel basket. It doesn't take much heat how it's set up.
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Made this charcoal basket I can use. Just sets in the kettle grill, which sets in the wash tub 😀 The handle comes off easy. It was on the kettle grill.
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I'm new to this......


Your solution to the base/coal basket is just what I've been looking for.


Is your base made from the Behrens galvanized sheet steel utility basket?


If yes, is that being galvanized steel OK to use in smoking?  I'm seeing posts in various places where it looks like anything galvanized is potentially dangerous.


Thanks in advance.  I'm planning to join or scab together 2 ECB to make a poor man's Pit Barrel Cooker.  Your coal baskett solution looks perfect for me.

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I never have the coals in or close to the galvanized bushel basket. People have been burning in that material for a hundred years. They still sell them for burning yard waste. Trash cans with holes. And people burn wood in these tubs to put a grate on and cook steaks etc.. saw old guy doing it on bbq with Franklin show.. I'm not worrying about some possible minute contamination . I'm not inhaling the fumes or ingesting enough to ever worry about..

My estimate is 400° that galvanized tub gets at the top. Most heat is up and centered more from the kettle grill inside. 🤓
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