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Micro uds?

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Looking at my old ecb and wondered if anyone ever sealed the bottom and made a micro uds ?

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Good question.

I am looking to build either a mini wsm or mini uds.

55 gal uds is to big for most of my cooks.

I have a ecb too.
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Lots of Mini UDS' out there made from smaller drums. 18 gallon-30gallon.
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Smaller drums are hard to find.
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Kieth found his 30 gal drums for his mini uds. But. I dont see why the ecb cant be sealed up and act as the same right? Never actually cooked on a ecb.. but same idea as the drum once sealed at the bottom for better vent control right?
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Smaller drums are hard to find.

Used yes, but new really easy to get.
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Yeah I don't see why it wouldn't work either pretty much the same principal.  Maybe I'll get bored this winter and play around.  I don't plan to use this particular ECB again as I still have another one in better shape if I really wanted to use one. 

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stop by one of your local auto repair shops or a bulk oil supplier and see if they have any 80/90 wight drums that are empty..those are usually around 30 gallons

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