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Originally Posted by zjaybird View Post

Mr. Squatch
I love your Beef Jerky commercials, but from the qview.  I think you can quit acting and make some series food instead!
Heck if I come out to Disneyland next year....I am finding a house near you so I can have a killer lunch every night!




:)  That's classic right there!



Originally Posted by kargov View Post


Sweet, thanks! Pulled Pork looks good, too. How on earth did it take 13 hours?


The notoriously dreaded infamous "stall"... I had read about it and pretty much expected it, but you just never can be sure how long it will last. Each chunk of meat will be different I suppose, this one lasted a little over 2 hours before the IT began climbing again!

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Squatch-that is some seriously great looking qview right there!!

Never seen a pulled pork sammie with cheese before. I've got some leftover pulled pork in the fridge so I'm gonna give this a try. As for being able to keep leftovers in my fridge-Ma Dutch and me are empty nesters now and don't have the 6'5 walking stomach (youngest son)constantly looking for something to eat and the 3 beagle dogs still haven't figured out how to open the fridge door!
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Thanks Dutch!


Cheddar cheese just sounded like a winning combo mixed in and heated up with the pulled pork, and IT WAS GOOD!


BTW, I plan on making up a big batch of your famous Wicked Baked Beans for my first time with my next smoke!

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