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"Pre" smoking.

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The temperatures are starting to drop here in the Mid-Atlantic, and the heart starts drifting to Cold Smoking.....for me at least.


I have had great success with smoking cheeses and cold smoking fish when the temps stay below 40 degrees. I use an A-MAZE-N sawdust smoker and the IT of the smoking chamber never gets above 45 degrees when the outside temp is below 40. I usually wait until it is about 35 for a high and the IT of the smoker doesn't get out of the 30's for salmon.


I was wondering if anyone has tried "Pre-smoking" fresh meat to be frozen and finished in the oven later in the winter when its not as conducive to smoke outdoors in 2-3 feet of snow and the temperature is in the low teens?



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Never mind...I had brain surgery earlier this year and forgot I already posted the question previously. (seriously...I had a tumor removed...not just an excuse for forgetting.)




Sorry about that.

post #3 of 3 are fine!



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