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Originally Posted by bigtattoo79 View Post

I will be honest I didn't try very hard on the ECB before I moved on to the WSM.

I also just got home with a 22.5 One Touch Gold LOL I got bit by the Weber bug.

Congrats on the new toy. There's a huge Weber following on the 'net.
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I have used them all, but I bought a Vision Kamado Pro from Home Depot for $700 (free delivery) and all I had to buy was a smoke plate for low and slow @ $50. Very versatile, I have cooked low and slow, very hot for steaks and also done very good pizza on a stone I purchased for $13. Very economical to operate- when you are done cooking close the vents and the remaining charcoal is available for the next cook. enough room for 2 or 3 butts or 2 12lb. briskets. With a little experience truly a set it and forget it smoker.

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Listen Mr. Bigtattoo79, You have made a great choice, however, trust me, you will select two more, minimum, smokers, before you are content. Consider Big Green Egg and/or Yoder as possibilities. Above all, enjoy Que., its to die for !!!

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Put 2 7lb butts on the WSM last night around 9:30pm the smoker held 250 until around 6:00am so I did the hot squat and poked at the fire a little still had coals. Smoker came right on up to 270 and is sitting pretty.

Internal temp was only 175 so I will give it a couple more hrs and check it again.
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Sounds as though you hit the "stall" point. Time  and temperature great, assuming your using a decent internal meat thermometer. I've personally seen it take anywhere from 15 to 22 hours to get where I wanted for pork butts. Enjoy your pulled pork. May I suggest if you don't eat it all, to put your extra in individual smaller Vacumn paks, and freeze for later instant sandwich buns as required. They heat up quickly in boiling water. However, if you have a crowd, it will be consumed in no time !


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Pulled them right at 13hrs with a internal temp of 212 hope it didn't get too hot. They're falling apart that's for sure. Gonna let them rest a half hour or so then pull em.
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190 / 212 , looks fine to me. If you get to doing a few butts at a time, you might want to google  " Ro-Man Pork Puller ",

They make a very fine puller which fits in your battery operated drill. Put the butts in a stainless steel bucket, without the bone, use the puller as you see on the Ro-Man Pork Puller website, and viola, two minutes and done. I've been using mine for two years now with complete satisfaction.



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Well I'm now hooked on cooking with charcoal.
Thanks for all the help y'all.

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If you are willing to go $1500 I would suggest you look carefully at a Cookshack Amerique.. It is slightly more expensive than $1500 but I believe is well worth the addition. I have had mine for a year now and it is so easy to use and such a great smoker I tend to use it more than I thought I would. I haven't had either of my Bradley's or Oklahoma Joe out in that time.


Check it out!

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Smoking-It model 3 is a good smoker

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