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UDS Temps

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I noticed that having the "bbq temp" probe in the center of the UDS gives me a considerably higher temp reading vs having it closer to the side of the UDS.  This doesn't surprise me much I was wondering where everyone else like to place their ambient air temp or grate temp probes.  


I wonder how putting a small plate above the charcoal pan leaving a few inches of space all around it would effect the temps if that would equal it out more?  Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I don't have a uds but I think a plate will help even your temps out some.  I always place my probe close to where the meat is.

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I have thought about adding a diffuser plate to even out temps in the drum.


If you do add a plate drill holes in it so the juices still hit the fire to add flavor.

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Quite a few have used pizza pans as diffusers. As far as probe placement I like mine as close to where I am cooking the meat as possible. I have a small piece of scrap wood that I have drilled a hole through to hold the probes so I can move it around where ever I want and not be limited to the grate clips that come with most probes.

Like the mini-WSM you could use a terra cotta planter tray too as a diffuser, or a tinfoil pan filled with sand.
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Thanks for the ideas guys!  with my shelf brackets I can easily add a plate of some kind and see what it does without doing anything permanent. I might even have the terra cotta tray in the garage.  I'll have to rummage through my wifes garden stuff and see what she's got LOL

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