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Brisket Success

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I'm new here, and Im a barbecue nut. I have a Traeger Junior smoker, upgraded with a thermostat, and I regularly smoke salmon, ribs, chicken thighs, pork tenderloin and pork shoulder. All excellent. But really good beef brisket had eluded me -- until today. Made a small packer brisket today, a six pounder. Using a hypodermic meat needle, i injected it with olive oil, beef stock and salt. Dry rubbed with pepper, garlic, dried chilis and salt. Gave it five hours in the smoker at 225 degrees on hickory, which brought it to 150 internal temp. Then two hours of "Texas Choke:" Covered with foil in an aluminum pan with some stock, which brought it to 203 degrees. Left the pan covered and stuck it in a 160 degree oven for three more hours and let the temp gradually drop to 160.. Fork tender, juicy and intensely flavored. A level of perfection that I thought was impossible with this very demanding cut. I think those three cool down hours are critical. They're still cooking hours really, sort of like low temp crock pot cooking. In any case, I'm now really enjoying brisket.



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q-views???? :th_What_NO_QVIEW:



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No pics mean it never happened
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I have a photo, but the directions for adding a photo are somewhat inscrutable. They seem to suggest you want a link rather than an upload.  It's on a page, and I pasted in the UR;L but received this message The URL does not appear to be an image. Make sure you use the URL of the image, and not the page containing the image. 


Isn't there some way to simply upload a photo, as one might do on Facebook or any other site?

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Doh. Figured it out. Not difficult.

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Ill have to give tht technique à try. Awesome job
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