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Frs salmon smoke

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Did my first fresh Lake Michigan Salmon smoke today. sausage.gif in my new MES 30".
Read a bunch of reviews first and followed a general idea from all you guys who know what the heck you are doing. icon14.gif
They turned out perfect with an internal temp of 142 when I pulled them off to cool. Smoker stayed and maintained about 150 to 155 for 5 hours.
Thanks for all the posts you people deliver. I could not have. Done it without your help.grilling_smilie.gif. image.jpg 353k .jpg file
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They look really good!  :drool

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Yummy looking

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Good looking Salmon Steve. Are they still running up by you? I know Kingfishcam just got back from salmon fishing Up North too. He'll smoke 100lbs at a time!!
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