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I have recently joined the forums and am excited about getting to know you all and learning all I can about my new GSM. On my welcome thread you all said a pic is worth a thousand words so here is what my last smoke looked like.

I did 4 shoulders for a friends retirement party. The wife and I also make our own BBQ sauce.
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Well, that's a great first post with q-view and everything. Looks like you nailed that PP by the look of the clean bones. Great job & welcome...Willie

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Very nice...that looks delicious!  Great job...bravo.png



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Looks good to me!  :drool   Great color too - nice smoke  thumb1%20copy.gif

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Looks great!
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Nice looking pork!



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Wow... great post... We love our pictures on SMF
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Great bark and meat.
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I have retired three times and no body ever feed me that well to leave. I woulda left more!


Nice way to break in a new smoker, make friends happy cooking for them, and make more friends here allowing us to enjoy your accomplishments.


Everyday is a beautiful day around the pit, as long as you remember to enjoy the smoke.


Pleasure meeting you.

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Here is a couple chickens I did last Sunday. What are the best woods for ribs?[IMG]
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PP looks great.. as well as the chickens!
Im a guy that loves some heavy smoke in ribs and big chuncks of pork/beef.. I use mesquite (cause its everywhere here and free) but also love to mix in some oak as well..
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