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Wood to use for smoking

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I just cut down a crab apple tree, can this be used for smoking?  If so sould it be seasoned?

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I would wait 3-5 months that's just me some say its ok
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I cut one down, split it, cut it into chunks (fist size) and within a week or so I was using them. I think if you cut it up and let it sit for a few days, theyll be good to go. Try it on ribs or pork. I grilled a couple of tbones with it too and it came out great. Enjoy!

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Ed, morning..... For best results.. cut it up and season it...  Are you using chunks and charcoal briquettes ??? Cut it into chunks and wait for several months, storing it with good air flow so it doesn't mold...   There is a search bar at the top of the page, that is very useful for some questions...


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I agree with DaveOmak. I have tried using wood that was not seasoned well and produced a bitter smoke. I used that same wood months later and got excellent results. It was not crab apple it was cherry but also experienced this with pecan wood as well.
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