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You might try vacuum marinating the jerky. I got a tumbler vacuum marinater and have done one smoke with it. I got the 20lbs drum with it so I can do big batches. I forgot to take photos ( to excited to play with it ) so I plan to take photos next time and post here. With my diet and low salt I did chicken breasts with it and they didn't seem as dry as with out. I know when I vacuum down the drum you can see the air bubbles coming out of the meat. With the jerky you would really get the marinat in. Just me thoughts

I ordered a tumbler from Todd last week so I speed up the process. Haven't had any problems with pre-mixes marinating for 12 or so hours, maybe the high salt content helped that so I need to go longer and a tumbler sure will help.
Thanks for that tip, I didn't even think about the salt helping the process so I need to consider that now!