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Where did you place the needle valve and where did you get it. I am picking up one of these later on today.

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Ordered the needle valve online. A search here will give several hits on where to order.

I cut the line about six inches from the regulator and used clamps to fasten.
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Forgive my ignorance, but why put a needle valve in the gas line?  Unless it's to be able to fine tune the temperature. 

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You are correct. Needle valve gives excellent temp control.
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Yeah, that's my only complaint about this smoker.  The temp control is very sensitive.  I'll have to look into the needle valve idea.  I suspect any needle valve with the open ends the same diameter as the gas hose will work?  Then just hose clamp them in place?

@Lamar I really like the aluminum wind blocks.  Great idea.

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Here is the link to the insulation mod I did. No problem smoking in zero temps.
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I've seen that thread before, nice work.  I live in the SF Bay Area where temps only get to freezing a couple times a year and, I don't usually smoke when it's that cold.  I don't really think I need to insulate my smoker.

One of the main reasons I join forums like this is to see what other people are doing with their smokers, brewing setups or motorcycles.  I have zero imagination (so I rarely think of anything new and cool) but I'm good with tools so I can make it if I see it.

I really appreciate those of you that share your creations.

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Here in Denver it gets a lot colder than San Francisco.  I don't usually smoke when it is cold either.  However. . .


The insulation on my offset really smooths out the internal temperature variations, smooths out temperature changes in response to atmospheric changes, and reduces my use of charcoal (and ash buildup) by about 2/3rds. 


I got a new gas regulator for my gas grill that has a dial to adjust pressure from zero to 10 psi.  This is much of what the needle valve would.  I love it.  Mine lets me crank the heat up to really screaming and turn it down as low as the burners stay lit which is pretty low. 


I am tracking temperatures are several places in the smoker and grill by Maverick ET-733 remote thermometer.  This makes an amazing improvement in my understanding and control. 

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The needle valve is the answer to stable temps. My temps stay +- ten degrees for hours. Work for me.
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Any chance you could post photos of the handiwork?   Some of us (like me) are less handy, but pictures might help!

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