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Smoke stack placement help

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Quick question, I'm in the beginning stage of building a smokehouse. My smokehouse demensions are 3x3x6 I have a devided firebox in the bottom about 3x3x2 and using a 3 ring burner from northern tool. I'm also installing a smokedaddy smoker. I'm just looking for some help on my smoke stack placement , don't want to be cutting a bunch of holes in it. Thanks for your help
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I put 2 outlet vents on mine, front and rear at opposite corners right at the ceiling height. I also have 2 inlet vents at the bottom sides at opposite corners. I covered them with aluminum screen and adjustable HVAC registers so I have total control over airflow.
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Right on I have 2 adjustable registers, maybe I'll pick up a couple more and do that. Should I do a slopes ceiling in it or a flat?
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Slope the roof to the back of the smoke house...    Add an overhang on the front...   That makes it nice in the event of rain....    I used to hate tending the smoke house in the rain....   I didn't think ahead on the build....

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Hey thanks Dave! That makes sense, how bout inside the smoker tho? Would a flat ceiling be ok or should I slope it in a direction?
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I don't know if it matters much.....  One more thing.... on the vents near the ceiling, I would place them on the sides so the smoke isn't coming out over the door... Condensate could drip on you when opening the door...  Bottom air inlets, front and back...  stagger them like S2K9K recommends...

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Perfect so you wouldn't even use a stack at all then? Just the vent huh?
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Yep.......   No stack.....  stacks form condensate and that drips on stuff....   ugly, nasty dripping mess....   Look at Dave's smoke house build...  S2K9K Dave......

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Oh gotcha, well no stacks it is then. I really appreciate all the help on this site. I've met some really great people on here!!
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Well I've got my smokehouse smoking!! Maybe someone can direct me on my dampers at the bottom and top as far as with a breeze blowing, which ones should I open and which should I close according to the wind. The smoker is on casters so I can spin it around. I have the dampers on both sides top and bottom and kitty corner from each other. I'll try to send a picture from my phone but I don't know if it will up load on here for some reason
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