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Harbor Fr+++++  has a 870# cap. trailer for under $200 .....

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Originally Posted by SQWIB View Post

No body followed it, however those ratchet straps were so tight I could have rolled the truck and it would have stayed put.

My concern was the legs giving out.


I hear ya on the legs.  The one for the char griller are not the strongest.


Today after opening my still cold smoker and getting a wiff of smoke from it, I said No Way that thing is going into MY van!  LOL


I think I will save up and get one of those the hitch carriers.  I don't like the lightweight trailer idea.   And I sure ain't going to rent a trailer just for that!


So for now, I'll leave it at home.  The family will be disappointed, but what the heck.  It won't be the 1st time I've let them down.

I did smoke some sausages, Baked Beans and pot of Scalloped Potatoes with ham today and will take those over to the party.

They'll forgive me after they taste it.

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Food went over great, but I sure took a hit, with all the ribbing about not bringing my new smoker that I had been bragging about on our family forums.  (Where I can actually post a photo and have it show up in thread)  LOL


Thanks for the input from everyone.  I appreciate it very much.

For instance, I did not know that too much jiggling could throw a therm. off so much.  And I learned that it was possible to use a hitch carrier with success.  And I thank you all for responding so quickly in this thread.  I wasn't expecting so many replies in that short of time.  Good Job.


Thanks again folks!

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You're welcome for any help. To post photos on SMF, you need to upload them off your computer or other site such as photo sites or FB, etc. Sometimes you have to use the full page editor if you're replying to an existing thread, or the image upload button might not appear. The image upload button is on the upper right...looks like a mountain scene.

Glad to hear everything worked out well for you!!!

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