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broad use of smoker

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hi all,


we have a southern pride 500 mobile smoker that we take to events and we would like to get more use by smoking more items than the pulled pork, turkey drums, potatoes and corn on the cob that we presently smoke. 


any ideas on less costly meat items that we might smoke and sell sandwiches for? 



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Pulled chicken thighs might be a good bet. Cheap prices right now and lots of meat with little waste.
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Hi Humdinger, thanks for the suggestion. I'll look at preparation time and maybe include this on our menu. Doug
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No problem. I picked that idea up from a few other folks here on the forum. With whole chickens, you'll have more waste (bones, cartelage, etc) per pound, but apparently thighs are the best bang for the buck right now.

Something else to consider is the spiral hot dogs.

They cook fast, easy, and are cheap. The only downside I can see when adding them to a business model is the prep time, but it might be something worth looking into. One note though, in reading the article, you'll notice the author removes the skewer stick before cooking. However I have found that leaving the stick in allows people to eat it like a corn dog. (Plus it's good advertising to see people walking around eating them in such a unique fashion) Either way works, but just figured I'd throw that out there. Hope it helps.
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tried the spiral process this evening on a couple of nathan dogs.  great taste; although i only used some lowerys seasoning salt and cooked them in my smoker for an hour.  i'm trying to figure how to price them so i can make profitable.


thanks lots,



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Glad I could help. Yeah the sprial hot dogs kinda and new twist on an old favorite! (pun intended) Be sure to let me know if you ever set up at any of the big festivals or join that food truck rally that's always around town. I'll try to make it out to your location and check it out.

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