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Spare ribs

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After cooking all day on my best ribs to date. I put the leftovers in a sealed plastic container and forgot to put them in the fridge. They came off the pit about 2:30pm and didn't make it to the fridge until 6:30 this morning. So they have sat out about 16 hours. So are they trash or are they safe to reheat and eat?
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I think the rule of thumb is two hours at room temps before bacteria can start growing/thriving on it. If it is just you eating it and you think that they were really good, then maybe you would be ok heating them up to 165 IT and eating them today. However, if others will be eating it, i would not serve it to them, especially since it is pork.

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I guess it's just best if I trash and chalk it up as a learning experiense
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Have any puppies that would like a few good bones?


So sorry that happened...been there done that too.



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