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First Turkey-Pics included

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Did my first turkey today in the MES.  I have been smoking meats for years, and I must say I love that thing for poultry or things that really don't need as much smoke. Anyway - I let the wife make the brine, and OMG I hope she can remember what all she put in it.  I know one thing was pickling spice.  The aromatics were amazing.  It smelled so good when I took it out of the brine - I just coated it in butter, on top and under the skin.  No rub.  Smoked it in cherry and mesquite till the IT of the breast was 165.  Damn - that;'s all I can say.  My wifes brine came through with the smoke and I have never tasted a better turkey.  I have to give her all of the credit on this one - LOL. 






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Looks good.. glad it turned out great for you!

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That bird has great color. Great job. icon14.gif
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I have been lurking here for years, finally joined a few years ago - and don't post often.  I subscribe to the newletter, and read it everytime.  Then I see "The" Jeff replying to my post.  Funny thing is I see Pretty Water.  Now if you aren't from Creek County you have no idea where that is - LOL.  My girls have played softball and basketball out there (I live in Oilton, but the kids go to Olive Schools).  Send me a PM - gotta see if we know any of the same folks out in that area.  I can't believe you are in Pretty Water.

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