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Fritz, like Case said, these mini's are a dream at holding a steady temp. I'm looking at building another mini because they are fun to build and fun to use.
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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post

I put the finishing touches on my mini wsm build this morning. Got her fired up and a pork butt smoking away for tonights supper.

She still needs paint but it's been so wet around here, paint may not happen until next week when things dry out.

GREAT looking smoker Dutch.  I've got parts and pieces being shipped in for mine and hope to build it over the holidays. What brand did you use for your thermometer? And did you find it useful? They really add to the looks of the unit. That being said I suppose I'll be using my Maverick for cooking. 

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My thermometer is a Chargriller replacement unit that I got a Lowe's. It normally sells for $8-9 but this one was out of the package and the retaining nut was missing. I picked it up for $3 and had a nut in my 'odds and end' box that fit it.


I did the boiling water test with it and was spot on for my altitude. 203° at 4500 ft.  I use a digital thermometer to monitor the internal temps of what I'm cooking.


We now have a dedicated Mini WSM Build section in the Smoker Builds forums, so post up your build there when you get it going.

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Morning Dutch!

Thanks so much for the help. Truly appreciated! I'm off to HD before the close for the holiday. 

Thanks again.


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