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Just scored a new WSM 18.5.

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My wife just bought me a WSM. I've been looking for another smoker to replace a Traeger that I sold about a year ago. I am an avid charcoal grill nut. I really enjoyed smoking meat on the Traeger but it was starting to act up with all the electronics and someone offered me a fair amount of money for it so I let it go.

One question that I have is, should I coat the inside of the WSM with cooking spray or oil and get it nice and hot before I use it for the first time? I cant wait to smoke some meat on the WSM next weekend.
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It's not required but some do. Some simply cook fatty foods to get the carbonized grease to season it. It will probably run hot until you get some build up.

If you do decide to do a burn out put some bacon or scrap fat cap pieces when you do to get the seasoning started.

I recommend chicken, turkey, pork butts, fatties, and ribs for the first 10 cooks or so.
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No need to season a WSM inside.  The WSM has a hard baked on finish and is not bare metal.  This finish is also why it will tend to run a little hot until you get some smoke & "stuff" built up on the inside.  Usually takes a few smokes to do it. Just smoke something and don't worry about the finish.

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Sounds great. I'm thinking a fattie will be the first thing to hit the grates.
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A fatty is a good start!  You'll get some good grease build up with that.


A pork butt is a really good first smoke if you are looking to do a long smoke.


I've never met anyone who didn't love their WSM after they gave it some time!!!!



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