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Brisket, Pork, Pintos

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Fired this old thing up yesterday!

An 11+lb untrimmed packer brisket with salt, garlic & pepper rub.

A 6+ hunk of piggy

Tossed 1 cup of Pintos in a pan with onions, garlic, porch grown jalapenos, a serrano & a touch of salt to put on top of the firebox.

I've always done my brisket to somewhere between 150*-160* bare on the grate, then Texas crutch to about 190*, then bare back on grate to 205*-210*. This time I decided to pan it so I could save my Au Jus!! We've been eating a lot of 3/4-1lb Ribeyes off the Propane Weber lately and I want that good stuff to brush on the steaks before grilling! So I took the brisket to 120* with pecan wood in the firebox smoke pan, then put in a roaster pan and covered with foil. Let it go to 207*, placed in unlit oven in pan for hour. I had added 4 cups water and some shakings of worchestershire (I call it "what's this here sauce", I can't pronounce that other word) under the rack that the brisket was sitting on in the pan.

Ended up with this & a Mason qt of Au Jus!!


I removed the piggy butt at 207*, put it in the unlit oven and let it sit till this morning. Doesn't have the bark that I normally go for as I had also tried the "panner" method. Very moist juicy pulled pork, but no crunchy bark like I prefer. So, I'll probably go back to my smoke to 150*-155*, then Texas crutch to 180*-185* then bare back on the grate for firm up. No pics of the pork, woke up, got hungry, broke out the bear paws, did the do, froze half, half in fridge and made a big ole sandwich on Ciabatta Bun.

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Looking good!

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Both look stunning and thanks for the step by step of your methodology.



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Mmmmmmm, and yes, thank you for the step-by-step!!
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