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Burger psuedo fatty - will it work?

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Hey guys... thinking about doing a fatty with hamburger (Onions, peppers and cheese on the inside). 


My wife doesn't really do pork (except on the rare pulled pork event).


Can I do the roll and skip the bacon wrap? Will it fall apart? Thanks in advance.  

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Just my 2cents , but I think you'll be making meatloaf nothing wrong with that , but I would embrace it and cook it in a pan with maybe some bread underneath to soak up the grease ( or on a rack)
I think it could have all the good qualities of a fatty , but like you say , if you try to roll it it might fall apart. What the heck , the worse that can happen is it'll be a little crumbly....I bet it'll still taste good. Post some pictures , I'll be curious how it comes out. grilling_smilie.gif
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Yes you can. If you search "naked fatty"  on here, people do it all the time with sausage. It won't fall apart any more than a hamburger or meatloaf does. Just be gentle with it when putting it in the smoker. I'd also use at least 20% fat content beef.

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You get you can!

80/20, stuffed with all kinds of goodness!
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Hey man. Check this out....just posted. Sorry I was skeptical ....I guess you can make GREAT fatties with ground beef.

Good luck and post some pix. grilling_smilie.gif
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I have made them with ground beef a few times. I put cheese, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Always a hit here at home.
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I'd use burger with the highest fat content you can find.  It's the fat that binds it together.  I tried one with ground turkey...couldn't roll it.  I'm not giving up on it...just need to rethink it.

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