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Spicy Pickled Eggs

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I have a Ghost pepper plant and a Red Caribbean Habanero plant growing in the yard and was sitting on the couch with a cold Heineken wondering how to use up some of these deadly peppers when it hit me PICKLED EGGS! So I boiled two dozen extra large eggs, added a bunch of crushed garlic, two red Caribbean habbies, three small ghost peppers, some peppercorns and straight white vinegar into the jar and into the fridge.



And now to try and stay out of them...

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Don't forget the burn salve in the morning....   :biggrin: .....   I hope you can taste the eggs.....    I know I couldn't with that assortmint of peppers.....   I'd be gasping   MILK, MILK, MILK.....  The garlic sounds perfect....  

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Knowing whats in them I think no problem stayin out of them! Just sayin!



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In the past I've noticed the vinegar killed the heat from habaneros quite a bit so I am hoping that these are the same and they are still edible.

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 I am hoping that these are the same and they are still edible.


I'm hoping that too.....   



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I know it's a bit late, but how did they turn out...................or is the fact that you never spoke of them again a hint?? :biggrin:

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They were not hot at all, kind of disappointing really. I'm not sure if it was the peppers themselves that weren't that hot or if the white vinegar just kills the heat all together. If anyone has ever had success getting their eggs spicy I'd love to hear from ya!

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I've found that when I make candied jalapenos, the vinegar seems to really cut down the heat level.


So, the last batch I added habanero, 7 pot, and scorpion peppers to different jars.  I still have yet to sample them though...

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:drool:Looks great

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