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New Smoker, obtained for FREE

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My sister got a divorce and when I was helping her move I noticed a grill/smoker just sitting there. She didn't want to take it with her and her ex didn't take it either. She said I could have it.


So I loaded it up into the truck and home bound I went. It wasn't an easy task loading it up by myself but my sister was not around when I did so. 


It has some rust on it but it looks like a wire brush and some paint is all the outside will take. The inside could use a new grill rack holder and a new charcoal rack. 


I cannot  find any indication of a brand name anywhere on the grill. Maybe you all can help me out in finding out who it was once made by. The steel feels thick. The lid is the width of a quarter. I would like to find a SFB for it.


I did a quick test to see how well it worked. I threw about half a chimney of lit coals on top of some fresh coals along with 1 chunk of wood. Not more than 5 minutes later I had lite blue smoke. I let it run for about 25 minutes before I shut down the stack and the side damper before leaving for work. I will check and see how well the grill snuffed out the remaining coals in the morning. 


No idea what temperature it was hitting before I shut it down but to my surprise there were no leaks around the lid. 



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Looks like a Char-Broil. In any event they will have both replacement Grates and sell a SFB...JJ

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Good score....
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