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First time brisket but went to BIG.......!

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OK, I have been wanting to do a brisket for awhile now and decided to jump in finally, BUT when I was looking at them my stomach was telling me go bigger so I ended up with a 13 LB 20" long brisket. Problem is my smoker is only 15 inches wide! So my question is can I cut this piece in half? I would also like to try some burnt ends as well if anyone has any input on that process?....An help wouls be great guys and I will post some views starting tommarow morning.
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LOL... sure ya can......... I have to trim mine to get it my MES30 most of the time. What I trim off I chop fine and freeze for chili meat. Brisket makes the best chili!


You'll be ok. Remeber it will shrink some while cooking also.

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You can separate the point from the flat. Since you want to do burnt ends you''ll end up doing that anyways.
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Point from flat? I am alittle new at this sorry....oh and please tell me alittle more about burnt ends? How do I go about making them
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There is a great article here on separating a brisket.  Use the search function.  Good luck...

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OK so I ended up cutting in half.  Now one end is flat and the other looks like a roast.  If I start low and slow at 225 for few hours can I crank it up to 260/70 to make up some time without hurting anything>?   I do plan on foiling around 165 with a mop till 198 or so.  I will be getting up around 4am to get her going just in case its low and slow all day   I will also be doing some mac and cheese to keep me busy...oh yeah

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I did a quick search and found this....

here's some more to look at

good luck tomorrow... ohhhhh.. do a search for burnt ends... you'll find hundreds of threads....
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Thanks JakD for the info.  I wish I read that a half hour ago as I cut it dead in half.  Oh well next time I guess.  My next question is fat side up or down on smoke?

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myself... I do fat up so it renders down onto/into the meat....
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Well I have decided to try the faster way I think as I dont feel like staying up all night. So im gonna start at 225 and slowly raise to 275 or so. Guess time will tell....
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Well its on and started it at 250 for half hour then bumped down to 225-30.  I am still debating on going to 275 with it so I can make the supper crowd I have coming.  I have read a few posts on here about people doing it at 275-300 and still coming out great????......Anyone up and at em like myself with any suggestions on that process?.

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Any pics?  How did it turn out?

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