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Newbie at smoking

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Hello I'm kmitch007 a newbie at smoking and the smoking meat forum. I'm using a Masterbuilt propane smoker, I followed TTAce's suggestion on covering my chip pan with aluminum foil but I'm still perplexed about how much wood to put in the chip pan at one time. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. 

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Sounds like you need to find wood chunks to go along with your chips. The chips start smoking sooner and chunk come into the game a little later but last much longer than chips do. And don't worry about any white smoke you see...that's completely normal when the wood first starts getting hot enough to produce smoke. The white smoke comes from moisture in the wood (seasoned wood has moisture from the humidity in the air) as well as a small amount of volatiles in the wood which are flashing off.

If you use chips only, you can heap on a couple good hands full at time to get longer smoke, but you will see much more white smoke and for longer periods, just so you know.

BTW, welcome to the SMF family!

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Thank you for that information. Can't wait to get started so I can smoke up a pork butt. 

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