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Storing Pulled Pork

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I'm going to smoke a couple of pork shoulders, what I need tomorrow plus an extra. My normal method is to smoke them about 8 to 10 hours and then wrap them in foil and finish in the oven for up to another 12 hours. My thought was when I take them out of the smoker and wrap them to put the extra one in the freezer at that point. Then when I want to use it I could defrost the whole shoulder and warm in the over to finish it off.


Or should I just cook it all the way, pull it and freeze it that way?



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I would tend to think the best would be to cook fully and then freeze.

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Cook fully, vacuum seal and then freeze.

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icon14.gif Yes. What they said. icon14.gif
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I see they have you covered!!! Only other advice is do not sauce the PP you are going to freeze - vinegar will break the meat down and turn it to mush.

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What those guys said already. But to clarify, I think you should cook it fully and pull it. It's such a pain in the butt to thaw large pieces of meat. If you pull it vac pack it or ziplock it and freeze portions like that, then you're only a few minutes in hot water away from dinner.
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Thanks for all the advice. Sort of last minute I decide to try the recipe for Pork Butt Burnt Ends, I'm calling them Pork Nuggets, with the extra shoulder that I had in the smoker. So I ended not having enough left overs to think about freeze, but if I do sometime I like the idea of pulling it and putting it in a ziploc bad. By the way the Pork Nuggets turned out great and were a big hit.

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