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First Dutch oven cheese bread

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My first attempt at bread was a success. I followed the simple recipient and it turned out great.
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DeerMan, afternoon.....   The bread looks really good....  Are you going to share the recipe ??    Type it out if need be....   Links don't go over too well here.....    :biggrin: .....

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Looks good, but please share

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Looks great!

Looks very similar to the DO bread And the loaf of death bread I posted here earlier this year. We like to add cheeses and jalapeños or hatch chiles too.
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Very nice!

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Hey guys I just used the Dutch Oven bread recipe that was posted on the forum already. Really simple. I just added cheese and used bleached flour. 

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Originally Posted by DeerMan13-2 View Post

Here is the link

I knew that looked familiar! 

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Looks great!! No knead bread is a great way to get into bread making for those of us who thought it was some sort of magic reserved for a chosen few. I had just about given up on bread baking a few years back when I found this recipe in the NY Times. Gave it a shot and the success convinced me to keep trying other kinds of bread. I'm still no great baker, but I can make pretty decent bread in various styles these days.
This recipe and the Amish white bread recipe should be on the front page of every book on baking!
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Great job

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