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Trailer Rig Help

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Hey everyone, first post. Just bought this retired air tank mounted on a trailer and need help with further design. 

I'm an expat opening a brewpub in Nicaragua and wanted to design this so that it can double as a regular grill in addition to a smoker. Is this possible? Don't need to smoke/grill simultaneously. Also, will I need to treat the inside of the tank to make it food safe? Looks like a tank from a compressor. When making reccomendations, bear in mind that more obscure hardware/supplies are not available here in NIca.



Check out this flower pot smoker we made for under $30 with just one trip to the market:


Thanks in advance for the help!


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I'd certainly burn it out...compressed air will typically have some oil in it. Someone here can probably point you at a design that's worked. That's a great start for a rig though!
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I built a RF smoker, and just made some simple trays with expanded metal tops to sit on the RF plate to charcoal.  It works pretty good, but I have to brush and re season my cooking grates sometimes.

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Cerveceria, evening.....   I'm not so sure that tank was used for compressed air.....   By the looks of the "Fill pipe and cap" it could have been used for diesel fuel.....   are there any other openings on the tank ???   Drains, vents etc....   Have you opened the cap and smelled what was in it.  ???      



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I believe it is 2 shorter air tanks welded together and he welded on the fill pipe as well.
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No drains. I was thinking about a design similar to this (see picture below) because no modifications would have to be made to the trailer to accomodate an offset box. He cut the top of his firebox off, but would this design work if I kept the tank intact and just built a dividing wall inside the tank separating the firebox from cooking chamber?

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