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Best Smoked Brisket recipie?

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Hi Folks,


Can anyone recommend a good smoked brisket recipe?  I am planning on using a masterbuilt electric smoker with apple and hickory.  I don't know if apple juice in the lower level of the smoker is the way to go.  Any suguestions are much appreciated.


Should I buy Myron Mixon's cookbook?

Thanks so much!

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Kat50, morning..... The recipes here are better than anything Myron could put in print....  Just my experience.....    Eric's brisket recipe is VERY good....     I'll find it...  I've used it and can testify to how good it is....


It's worth the read and following the details of the cook.... Brisket can be difficult but Eric has figured it out......  





And my results.......

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