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An Embarrassing Confession!

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I've  never cooked brisket...I've read so many times how easily it dries out that I've never tried. I cook tri-tips often matter of fact I've got several currently in the freezer. I find try tip easy to cook, but I've grilled and Q'd 100's of them.


Any secrets to not dry out a brisket. I really want to try one. By the way I cook on Chargriller Akorn Kooker so in theory being its a Kamado style cooker keeping the meat moist should be easier than on other smokers. I find it to be the case in every other meat I've smoked.


One more thing, besides pork & beef ribs, shoulders and picnics, fish, tri-tip, brisket what other cuts are good for Low n' Slow Q?

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oh man theres tons of ways to do a brisket.....just start out with a simple rub and take it from trying to do a whole packer or just a flat?
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Just make sure you have one with a nice fat cap, and you should be okay. Is there a way to smoke it over indirect heat on your unit?

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i started bbq`ing on a chargriller offset over 20 years ago you can cook just about everything low and slow hamburgers,sasages,hot dogs ,bacon turkey, ect. ect. ect.th_anim_burp.gif

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I just started my smoking career earlier this summer and I've done one brisket flat and I also use an Akorn.  It stayed nice and moist and I cooked until it probed tender.  Juices were flowing out of it.  Can't wait to try a whole packer next but the only place that has them around here is Walmart.

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