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Commercial "Smoked Sausage"

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Does anyone know what kind of sausage the generic commercial "smoked sausage" is?  All the various brands I've tried taste similar so I figure they are all probably based on the same type of sausage.  I know it isn't kielbasa since the same manufacturers usually sell both and the flavor isn't right for that (don't think the plain smoked sausage has any marjoram in it.)

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summer sausage??????? what brands you been looking at???? What are you lookin for as far as flavor ect????? lots of different stuff out there give us more info on what  you want

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They are mostly Salt, Black or White Pepper, Paprika, Sugar and Cure #1. Various companies herbs and spices vary. Sage, Savory, Cayenne, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Nutmeg, Mace, Clove, Ginger, Coriander Seed, Mustard Powder and/or Allspice are all common but used in small amounts...JJ

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I use to get a lot of Cavanaugh Smoked Sausage from Sam's Club back before I started making my own.


They also make a kielbasa that is pretty good.

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Uncle Johns Pride, made in Tampa Florida.....good stuff

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