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Sorry I didn't reply.  I've been beyond busy at work.  As posted above, I would bend it.  The beauty is that this smoker is just a piece of steel.  And you might be better served by starting a new thread, just in case people read part of this thread that gets bumped, decide the subject matter isn't for them, and then don't even get to your post.


Glad to hear you dumped the thermometers.  They respond terribly slow, and since you are going to be running digitals anyway, they are pointless IMHO.  I don't even look at mine anymore.


Again, sorry I couldn't respond sooner.  Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am going to try to bend it to fit once I get it hot again and see if that helps. If that doesn't work, I'll be sure to post an original thread with my issues.

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That mod is awesome! Any chance u can make another one for purchase? Very interested.
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Originally Posted by mandrewscdj View Post

That mod is awesome! Any chance u can make another one for purchase? Very interested.


Which mod?

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The slip on side tray around the smoke stack.

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Are you using any "Tuning Plates"? If so, what are the dimensoins of them?

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I had some cut, but I never went and picked them up.  However, this smoker could seriously benefit from them.  IIRC, they were 14.75x4.


There is a thread on here about this smoker, and he details the dimensions.

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Did you seal the smoker any? I'm thinking about getting some nomex tape for my firebox and cook chamber.

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No.  Over the months, the firebox lid has warped some.  So if I were you, I'd give it a minute before you did that.  As far as the cooking chamber lid, it's always been pretty tight, so I left it alone.

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Hi new here. Just purchased a wrangler and was cleaning it before I fire it up and I notice the plate from the bottom of the fire box fits nicely as a turn plate in the smoking chamber. It does have long holes cute in so I'm not sure how well it will work as a turn plate or baffle ( not sure the difference) has anyone else tried this?
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Excellent mods, especially that charcoal snake!! I gotta steal it too!!!

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Originally Posted by the1pearson View Post

Excellent mods, especially that charcoal snake!! I gotta steal it too!!!

FYI, that charcoal snake ended up sucking, big time.  It needs double walls in the middle.  Otherwise, most of the time, it sets the coals next to it on fire, and turns the snake into more of a "wave".

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Got my wrangler about a month ago already have smoked , ribs, Boston butt , whole chickens and my very first brisket, only mods I've done so far is two temp gauges at grate level and I just got my tuning plates today . So now I'm just trying to dial it in. So far I love this smoker . Don't see anything wrong with it except the for the two modifications that needed to be done . Tuning plates are 5ea 4"x 15 1/2"x 1/4 " thick . $28 total hopefully it pays off for me
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I too use the firebox plate for a tuning plate, works really well. Built a 16x36 shelf for the front, attached to the tiny metal shelf from underneath. Added lavalock gasket to both lids and a charcoal/wood basket. Very well pleased with the the Wrangler, hard to beat for the $$$.
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How is that shelf mod holding up? I'm looking at making one of those bad boys this weekend. Great mod.
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Don't know why I've never seen this thread before. But IMO, the Wrangler is a very good smoker at that price point. I really like all of the mods that you guys have done. I noticed in your narrative about the wood in the FB, you say that you get white smoke until the end of the burn. If you will pre-heat your splits, they will ignite much quicker. That way the heat will hold better and you will always have TBS. Also, since the wood will not be smoldering until the ignition point, you will have cleaner smoke and a better overall taste.

I don't use a snake in my basket. I use lump yo get a good bed of coals started and then use all wood from that point. By using all wood, it doesn't matter how long the charcoal lasts. Just my $0.02.
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I really want to do that slide on tray mod. I don't weld or anything. Where could I get something like this made? I just looked at an 11ga 36inX36in sheet of stainless steel and it was $155. WTH? And then get that cut and welded where? What kind of metal would be best for this mod?
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This is my new custom tray added to my wrangler! Thanks for the idea. Now I gotta add some high temp paint.
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Subscribed for future post / mods.



I need some tuning plates but otherwise, I like this Wrangler.

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So my tray has held up perfectly! That is the most useful mod and people on YouTube love that part of my wrangler. Now I want to make one of those charcoal baskets. I bout my sheet of expanded metal from Home Depot. I'm seeing if any of you have made one and what dimensions did you use. Thanks
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